Javi Marroquin Fighting More With Kailyn Lowry: ‘Teen Mom’ Marriage In Trouble?

Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin met Kailyn Lowry when she was filming for the show, so he knew that she had an important role that required the MTV cameras to enter their home. But apparently, the cameras are starting to cause some trouble for the couple, as they have started bickering. Apparently, Kailyn and Javi make smaller issues into big ones because they are desperately trying to appear perfect on the show.

It is odd that these rumors are surfacing, as Javi Marroquin always appears to be so calm around Lowry and the children. Even when things get heated, Marroquin is quick to leave the room or go for a walk. But things are supposedly getting tense.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin‘s marital problems with Kailyn Lowry will be a big part of the upcoming season of the show.

“Every single episode is going to be about Kailyn and Javi fighting,” a source has revealed about the upcoming season of the show, adding, “It was tough for them for a while. Nothing specific happened between them. They were just having fights and arguments over dumb stuff. It was typical young marriage troubles.”

The report claims that Javi Marroquin got upset over someone texting Kailyn over a concert that she had planned three months in advance. It was a fight that didn’t have to take place, but the cameras being present surely caused some extra tension. Since they both want to make it work, they have tried counseling. No word on whether Marroquin is ready to leave Lowry behind.

“They started going to counseling and then stopped,” the source says, adding, “They just kind of made the decision that if things are going to work, that they need to keep the petty stuff out of their marriage. It’s not worth the drama.”

It is very possible that things are changing in the Marroquin home. Javi recently shared a picture of his two sons sleeping peacefully in the Dover home. And while things have calmed down in the home after the cameras left, things have not calmed down on social media. According to the Inquisitr, Kailyn recently decided to pull her children off Instagram, as she was getting many negative comments. Surely, Javi could only agree with that situation.

What do you think of this story? Do you think that Javi Marroquin is losing his patience with the Teen Mom camera crew? Or do you think that Marroquin is just stressed out with other things happening in his life?

[Image via All the Teen Moms]