Hulk, The Pit Bull, Takes New York By Storm, Gets The Star Treatment [Video]

Start speading the news. Hulk, the pit bull, is now an internet sensation, and has become a star in his own right in New York and took New York by storm on his recent visit. The mammoth 175-pound dog visited the Big Apple this week, meeting stars and getting the star treatment himself.

The oversized pitbull, possibly the largest of his breed, is still growing at 18-months-old. Owner Marlon Grannan has stated that the pit bull, that his family has raised, may reach 190 pounds when fully grown, while interviewed on ABC’s Nightline. See the video here.

Hulk’s home videos from YouTube went viral. And his owners, Marlon and Lisa Grannan, have become famous. The Grannans run a dog training business called Dark Dynasty K9s, where they train and breed pit bulls for people around the globe who need protection dogs, as cited in an Inquisitr article. They stress that the pit bull breed is not inherently aggressive and, like any dog, how they are bred and raised affects temperament.

Hulk, along with his three-year-old best friend Jordan, the Grannan’s son, met Michael Strahan, of Good Morning America and Live! With Kelly and Michael. As previously mentioned, he was even featured in a story on ABC’s Nightline, and is shown walking down New York streets being greeted with awe and shock by adoring fans during his tour of Times Square.

He is about three times or so larger than the average size of a pit bull and certainly doesn’t look real, but he is. So when he walks down the street, he draws attention. Amazingly, people are not afraid of his imposing stature and do flock to him wherever he goes, perhaps sensing his gentle nature.

During his New York exploits, he had a spa day courtesy Good Morning America. The behemoth had his coat brushed, teeth polished, and had his nails done, and he made other canine and human friends. Of course, he got special treats and got to take a nap in his posh hotel room. Quite a bit different than being in the dog house.

Unfortunately, pit bulls sometimes have a bad rap. Hulk’s videos and story have gone viral across the internet, and he’s known as a gentle giant. Marlon Grannan has noted the following to Good Morning America.

“A dog is only as good as the owner.”

They were also featured on The View, with Jordan playing his harmonica, to which Hulk sometimes accompanies him, howling in tune. Hulk looks like stardom hasn’t gone to his massive head, as he just stood there, nonplussed. The link of Hulk on ABC’s The View can be found here.

Hulk at home is just your regular dog, playing in the snow and with his family, which includes a tiny chihuahua.

What do you think about Hulk?

[Videos courtesy ABC News, The View, and Youtube; Photo Courtesy Channel ABC 7 New York]