10 Month Old Baby 41 Pounds: Child One Of ‘Heaviest’ In The World

A family of four in India is experiencing an extreme case of hardship. Not only are they financially stricken, their 10-month-old baby has an unknown disorder: she weighs 41 pounds. Doctors are concerned about baby Aliya Saleem’s non-stop food binging, but are at a loss on how to control the child’s enormous weight-gain, according to a Your Health news report out Tuesday.

Shabana Parveen, 25, and Mohammad Saleem, 28, parents of the 10-month-old baby, said her birth weight was normal, a mere nine pounds. However, it soon ballooned to 41 pounds. The family gets by on the husband’s earnings as a tailor. But at only $4.00 a day, they cannot afford quality healthcare.

Their 10-month-old girl has an insatiable appetite and requires food frequently. She constantly feasts on biscuits and curry tips to keep her content. Because of her added weight, she has trouble sleeping. The parents say Aliya wakes up throughout the night crying because her large frame limits the expansion and contraction of her lungs. Moreover, at 41 pounds, the mother struggles to sit the child on her lap.

Despite their financial plight, the parents are hopeful that they can find the resources to address the girl’s increasing weight. The husband and wife also care for a 5-year-old son. He presents another problem to the family: they cannot afford to send him to school, so spends full days at home.

Although the 10-month-old baby weighs 41 pounds, another bizarre story of a plus-sized baby girl involves one that still puzzles doctors. It took place over a century ago, and sadly ended tragically, as Perth Now wrote.

“The Guinness Book of World Records states the heaviest baby born was to Anna Bates, of Canada, in 1879. The 7’5″ mother and her 7’11” husband welcomed a 23lb 12oz. baby boy, who died 11 hours later.”

Many infants in the past that were born carrying above-normal weight didn’t suffer mortality crises. In fact, many went on to thrive and develop with normal body weight through adulthood.

However, in the case of the 10-month-old Indian baby, doctors fear that 41 pounds presents a potentially life-threatening situation. The parents already lost an infant girl who developed a similar pattern of weight-gain. The 1-year-old died suddenly from her uncontrolled increase in body fat. The parents believe there is a genetic connection, and fear the same for their newest addition to the family.

Dr. Krishan Chugh, Head of Pediatric at Fortis Hospital, is holding out that a proper diagnosis will be made soon. Only then, can they expect to tailor a proper treatment plan to address the baby’s rapid gain in weight.

“This is the heaviest baby at ten months of age that I have seen. This could be case of morbid obesity or even a hormonal imbalance. But we need to conduct some tests on her before making a proper diagnosis. The treatment depends on the diagnosis that we make.

There are some disorders that can be treated. As far as the reversal of this weight gain is concerned, that would depend on when we find a cause for it.”

A 10-month-baby that weighs 41 pounds is a medical mystery to physicians, but the family remains strong in their beliefs that this child will see many more birthdays.

[Photo: YouTube via ViralSpell]