Car sold, plates changed, yet man still receives parking tickets

Chicago resident Mark Geinosky has a unique problem: he keeps getting parking tickets.

Sure, parking tickets can be a problem for a lot of people, but imagine getting 24 tickets for a car you’ve sold. Administrative error perhaps, but then imagine that the tickets you’re getting cite the vehicles previous registration number, the same one you stripped off the car prior to selling it, so are no longer in use.

Of the 24 tickets, 13 were written by same officer, and every offense happened at exactly 10pm. Oh, and the tickets are in sequential number order; the only person getting tickets from the office is Geinosky.

Chicago Police Internal Affairs, upholding the fine corruption free image of Illinois initially refused to investigate the issue, although are now taking a look after the Chicago Tribune contacted them.

What is it about Chicago are dodgyness?