Is Bravo Losing Stassi Schroeder Ahead Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 4?

Could Bravo be without Stassi Schroeder when Vanderpump Rules returns for a possible fourth season? According to a new report, Schroeder may really be moving on.

For weeks, Schroeder has continuously hinted at a Vanderpump Rules exit. However, since the Bravo star spoke the same way after season two and chose to return, some have had a hard time taking her seriously.

That said, a March 2 report by LALATE claims tonight’s finale episode of the Bravo reality show may be Schroeder’s last — or at least her last as a full-time cast member. Hours before the finale episode aired, the site reported that Schroeder has been downgraded from an official cast member to a recurring role, which means she won’t be included in the opening credits of the Bravo series, and she won’t be seen nearly as much as she has been in past seasons.

In addition, the site claimed Schroeder did not get a main seat at the recently filming Vanderpump Rules Season 3 reunion, which begins airing next week on Bravo.

According to the report, Schroeder’s reduced role is the result of her strained relationship with her fellow Bravo star, Lisa Vanderpump. On Season 3, the pair were involved in an argument, which began after Vanderpump suggested the Bravo star mend her relationship with Katie Maloney. The issue immediately set Schroeder off, and she slammed Vanderpump for only siding with those who do as she tells them.

As the Inquisitr reported, Vanderpump spoke out about the Bravo star’s on-screen antics in blog months ago.

“I think Stassi’s attitude is slightly ridiculous. I mean she comes in here now like Grace Kelly. Just a year ago, these were her best friends. She was the leader of this pack and suddenly not one of them is good enough for her?”

Also in the blog, Vanderpump claimed she didn’t think that Schroeder was ready to walk away from Bravo.

“I don’t think Stassi’s quite ready to let that position go. Even though she doesn’t work there, she still wants to make her presence felt.”

In an interview with Perez Hilton weeks later, Vanderpump discussed her Bravo co-star’s behavior again, claiming she was far from impressed.

“A lot of nasty, negative things said about everybody else, including me, which I think is a shame really, at this point, because I think at SUR, they were like family, and I think we gave her some great opportunities.”

The Vanderpump Rules finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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