Madonna, Beyoncé, and Cindy Crawford Unretouched Photos Are Likely Photoshopped

Madonna, Beyoncé, and Cindy Crawford have been consistently mocked for supposed unretouched photos that make them look horrible. However, many are alleging that unretouched photos of Madonna and the other gals are Photoshopped to make them look worse. Just as glamor magazines Photoshop celebrities to make them look better, gossip sites and tabloids appear to be using the same technique to make them look worse: This sells papers and gets page hits.

Madonna has been the biggest victim of a concept known as reverse Photoshop. Alleged before pictures of a shoot for Interview magazine leaked last year. Gossip rags made fun of Madonna, but several commenters on the Internet noticed that the supposedly unretouched photos, especially the one above, don't look real. The picture above appears to show some creative use of the Clone tool used to make her body look unshapely. The burn tool was used minimally to highlight the wrinkles in her body.

beyonce photoshop

Beyoncé may just be another victim of reverse Photoshop. When unretouched photos of her leaked from 2013, it was hit season on the star. Even Gawker got into the action.

"Two hundred and twenty-four apparently unretouched photos of self-styled Queen Bey Beyoncé were leaked on a website called The Beyoncé World this morning, sending shockwaves across the one inhabited by all of us. They come from commercial and ad shoots for L'Oréal's 2013 Feria and Infallible campaigns and should make you and Solange feel a little bit more secure about yourselves."
However, like the alleged Madonna pictures, many on the internet called foul play and noticed that some areas look darker and bloated than they should. One of the commenters on the site PetaPixel summarized what a lot of people think about Bey's allegedly unretouched photos
"If you ask me, these are not straight out of the camera shots, they've been adjusted to actually make her look worse. That's just my opinion, but the lighting looks WAY too harsh to be professionally done, and they look like they've been exaggerated with too much sharpening."
Madonna and Beyoncé haven't sued any photo agencies for the alleged reverse Photoshop, but Cindy Crawford may do that after alleged pictures of her body looking like a burnt rubber pillow leaked last week. TMZ reports that the lawyer for Cindy Crawford's photographer is considering legal action. The lawyer claims the original picture was stolen and then manipulated to make her midsection look haggard.

Perhaps the reverse Photoshopping of Madonna, Beyoncé, and Cindy Crawford is bringing light to the misogyny of the Internet and how people are desperate to tear other woman apart for being beautiful. Do you think Madonna and Beyoncé should also take legal action? Tell us in the comments section.

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