‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: ‘Women Tell All’ Brings Kaitlyn Bristowe, Chris Soules Confrontation

Kaitlyn Bristowe was left blindsided last Monday when Chris Soules sent her home on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season. Now it’s time for the “Women Tell All” special and Kaitlyn will be there. A new Bachelor spoiler preview shows that she gets her chance to confront Soules about her elimination and she’s got him squirming a bit.

While Kaitlyn was definitely stunned and essentially left without words during her Bali elimination, she’s got plenty to say now. ABC News shares a clip from the March 2 “Women Tell All” and Bristowe asks Soules why he didn’t have the courtesy to pull her aside to eliminate her, rather than put her through a rose ceremony.

Kaitlyn points out that Andi Dorfman did that for Chris during her season, and long-time fans know that it has become a somewhat regular occurrence to see the third-place person eliminated in a private setting rather than rose ceremony. Chris was eliminated separately with Andi, and Andi eliminated herself on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season prior to the rose ceremony.

The fact that Soules has often eliminated ladies ahead of the brutal rose ceremonies could well have set the stage for him to do the same for Kaitlyn, yet he didn’t. Kaitlyn said when she appeared on Good Morning America that when she watched Chris pull Becca Tilley aside at their final three rose ceremony, she thought Becca was headed home. When Tilley came back, Bristowe felt confident Whitney was headed home.

Chris is given a chance to respond during the “Women Tell All” after Kaitlyn’s confrontation, but he seemingly stumbles. In the Bachelor spoiler clip shared by ABC News, he doesn’t really address the way he eliminated Kaitlyn at all.

Soules trips over trying to explain how he was falling in love with all three women and it was essentially throwing a dart at a dartboard in deciding to eliminate Kaitlyn over someone else. She doesn’t hold back when she says that isn’t exactly comforting, and it still doesn’t address her frustration that she didn’t get a private elimination.

Viewers will see more of Kaitlyn’s confrontation along with other clips featuring Britt Nilsson, Carly Waddell, and the others. Of course it’ll be another week before fans see Chris Soules’ final rose, though he has said he’s still with his final lady and they are in love.

What will Kaitlyn Bristowe be doing next? There have been reports indicating that she scored the gig as The Bachelorette 2015 lead, which is set to start filming this month. Fans should be able to expect that decision to be formally announced by ABC during the “After the Final Rose” special on March 9 after Bachelor Chris Soules and his final lady update fans on their relationship.

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[Image via David Moir/ABC]