‘Bachelor’ Star Kelsey Poe: ‘I Am Ready To Be A Wife Again…With The Right Person’

Bachelor star Kelsey Poe has been an interesting person to watch on this season of the show. Kelsey wasn’t the only person who was a widow this time around, but Poe surely felt that her life was a bit more interesting to discuss compared to the other ladies. Poe, who is being accused of faking a panic attack and calling the other women stupid, is one of the most dramatic contestants in the show’s history.

When Kelsey Poe was sent home in a dramatic two-on-one date, many of the ladies celebrated, and they were quick to pop champagne bottles. However, Poe has been wondering what could have been with Chris Soules. Of course, Kelsey’s dramatic final moments came down to what Ashley had been saying about her to Soules.

According to a new PEOPLE interview, Bachelor star Kelsey Poe is now opening up in a live interview. In the interview, Kelsey reveals that she doesn’t blame Ashley for being sent home, but she will always wonder if the comments that were made planted a seed in Chris’ mind. Both ladies were sent home that day.

Kelsey Poe admits that she came on the show to find a husband and said in the interview that she is ready to be a wife again, though she wants it to be with the right person. Poe may have come to the conclusion that Chris Soules is not the right person for her.

According to the Inquisitr, there have been rumors that Poe did not attend the Women Tell All special. Nothing has been confirmed or denied as of yet, but viewers will get the answer tonight as the special airs in the usual Bachelor time slot. Clearly, the other ladies have not forgiven Poe for what went down on The Bachelor as she has been noticeably absent from the pictures that were taken that day.

But it does sound like Kelsey Poe wants to be in the spotlight and share her story. Not only did she do the PEOPLE interview where she discussed the events on the show, but Kelsey has also talked about her late husband, Sanderson Poe, on several other occasions. As Poe admits, there will always be a place for Sanderson in her heart, but she is ready to find a new husband who accepts her past marriage.

What do you think about Kelsey Poe? Do you think she is campaigning to be the next Bachelorette?

[Image via PEOPLE]