Brittany Musick Shares Nude Photo On Twitter

Brittany Musick shared a racy photo online last week.

According to a March 1 report by Mstarz, the “other woman” of Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert shared a photo of herself on Twitter. In the photo, Brittany Musick is seen showing off her figure in a netted mini-dress.

Although Brittany Musick’s breasts were blocked out by a black bar, the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties hints that the photo may have been taken as a nude.

After nabbing the title of Calvert’s online “other woman” at the end of last year, despite having never actually met him, Brittany Musick signed a media deal with Howie Wood Entertainment, a company which also represents a handful of Teen Mom stars, including Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska.

On Twitter, Brittany Musick has been seen discussing filming and photo shoots for the last couple of weeks. On Friday, Musick shared a “sneak peek” at the completed product of one of her shoots, which included her wearing a black dress.

As the Inquisitr reported, Calvert may also have a nude photo floating around. After he and Brittany Musick exchanged their Twitter messages, she participated in an interview with In Touch Weekly. During the interview, Brittany Musick revealed her text messages with Leah Messer, Calvert’s wife, in which it was revealed Calvert had allegedly sent her a picture of his private part.

“Leah messaged me first on Twitter, and then began texting me to find out details of our relationship. At first, she thought I was lying, because Jeremy told her that it wasn’t him talking to me — it was the guys at work. When I showed her the [naked] shot, Leah responded, ‘Yes, ma’am … that would be my husband.'”

During her conversations with Calvert, Brittany Musick claimed the father of Messer’s daughter, Adalynn, told her he had filed for divorce after discovering she had cheated on him with Robbie Kidd. Musick also said Calvert told her he couldn’t forgive Messer for what she had allegedly done.

As for Messer, Brittany Musick said she was devastated by her husband’s conversation with her.

“[Leah] told me that really hurt and she didn’t know what to do.When we messaged, she said Jeremy wanted to make it work and make things perfect again.”

Despite their issues, the Teen Mom 2 couple appears to still be together and married.

Brittany Musick is not expected to appear on the upcoming sixth season of Teen Mom 2.

[Photo via Twitter]