King Abdullah: DAESH/ISIS Started World War 3, Christians And Muslims Need Be 'Unified' [Video]

Patrick Frye

King Abdullah of Jordan is claiming that DAESH, which is more commonly known as ISIS or the Islamic State, essentially started World War 3 and that Christians and Muslims need to unify for this fight.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko claims that Boris Nemtsov died before proving Vladimir Putin has knowingly positioned Russian troops inside Ukraine in order to fight alongside the separatist forces. A recent poll in Russia shows that the Russian people believe that the U.S. giving Ukraine military aid is only an excuse for taking over the country, or starting World War 3.

In order to create an Islamic state in the middle east, DAESH has been rapidly recruiting new members for its terrorist attacks and has even taken over sections of nations. Seized oil fields provide a steady income stream by which they wage war, with experts estimating their steadily increasing wealth at over $3 million per day.

Some experts believe DAESH wants to start World War 3 in order to draw in as many nations as possible to their conflict.

"I think the mission of the enemy is to precipitate World War III," says Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy. "The path we're on at the moment unfortunately, I think, suggests they're more likely to achieve their goal than we will be in preventing them from spreading a global wide conflagration."

When CNN interviewed King Abdullah II of Jordan, he was asked whether the military response to DAESH should be "an Arab response, a Muslim response or should the West be in the lead." In response, King Abdullah said everyone needs to be "unified" in order to bring DAESH down.

"I've said this to leaders both in the Islamic and Arab world and to the world in general: This is a third World War by other means. This brings Muslims, Christians, other religions together in this generational fight that all of us have to be in this together," said King Abdullah. "So it's not a Western fight. This is a fight inside of Islam where everybody comes together against these outlaws, so to speak, together. And there's a short-term part of this which is the military part of the issue. There is the medium part which is the security element of it. And then there's a long-term element of this, which is obviously the ideological one."

What do you think about King Abdullah's comments about DAESH and World War 3?