WWE News: Vince McMahon Reportedly Threatened To Sue Brock Lesnar After Walkout On WWE RAW

In the ever-growing saga that is Brock Lesnar and WWE issues, it seems that there is new information on what happened during the contract talks at WWE RAW last Monday. We heard several things that resulted in the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion leaving. Random things from Roman Reigns failing a drug test, to a simple disagreement over merchandise material.

However, there is now a story that makes a bit more sense. According to The Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon threatened to sue Brock Lesnar. Of course, it didn’t just come up.

What happened was that both Lesnar and McMahon were discussing Lesnar’s deal. Both men reportedly got into a very heated discussion where the two were shouting back and forth at each other. This is never good for contract negotiations. It apparently got so heated that many around were worried about McMahon’s safety, as they felt things could get physical due to the nature of the conversation.

Someone reportedly asked McMahon what WrestleMania plans were if Lesnar chose to never come back. McMahon assured the creative team that there was no issue, and told them that Lesnar would work out the rest of his contractual obligations. McMahon then said something to the affect of that if Lesnar chooses to not show back up, that “we’ll sue him if he’s not there.”

Obviously, Lesnar does want his money, and getting involved in a major issue such as a breach of contract would not be something he’d want to do. So it is almost guaranteed that Lesnar will be back at least to finish his remaining dates with WWE. However, one can imagine that the reason Lesnar left WWE RAW last week was most likely to make sure he didn’t do anything he’d regret, either to McMahon or in the ring.

Every time Lesnar is at RAW, WWE is talking to him about signing a new deal. The same with the PPVs he’s part of. So these talks will come back up, and we can only imagine that after his last issue with McMahon, Triple H might be the one talking to Lesnar. If nothing more, at least Triple H is young enough to take a punch from Lesnar if he gets angry and not have to visit a hospital.

While Brock Lesnar is not the animal in real life he is portrayed to be on TV, he is a legit tough guy who will kick the tails of anyone he needs to. Everyone knows this, which is why he is liked so much. Every fan knows Lesnar is legit. This is part of the appeal that WWE loves about Brock. While it is currently unknown what Brock will decide, he is not scheduled to be back with WWE until next Monday. So Lesnar most likely will not be on RAW tonight as he was never scheduled to be.

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