Jenea Mungia: Mom Allegedly ‘Stabbed’ And ‘Mutilated’ 4-Year-Old Son In Driveway

A Texas mother identified as Jenea Mungia has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her four-year-old son, Ayden. According to the KHOU, the shocking incident, which took place on Thursday, February 26, was reported by a FedEx driver who passed the house and noticed Mungia’s suspicious actions. The shocking incident reportedly began inside the home with Mungia allegedly stabbing the child all over his body. Then, she dragged his body outside to continue the brutal assault.

The FedEx driver actually witnessed a shirtless Mungia slamming the child on the concrete and beating him with what appeared to be a garden tool. The driver reportedly made an attempt to stop the attack, but to no avail. When officers with Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived, they definitely weren’t expecting the scene they were faced with. Mungia was still beating and stabbing the child when police arrived. A bloody T-shirt was also visible in the driveway. She actually had to be subdued by officers because she allegedly would not stop beating the child.

On Friday, February 27, Deputy Thomas Gilliland released a statement about the horrific incident on behalf of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. He revealed that even local authorities were quite “shaken” by the scene they saw upon arriving at the Houston home, citing Mungia did not appear to be mentally stable when officers arrived.

“In the course of events that we maintain every day, these are the types of scenes that weigh heavily on us,” Gilliland said. “Evidently she was in some kind of state. The scene itself was a terrible one for deputies to arrive to.”

Deputy Gilliland also offered a brief update on the child’s condition. The little boy has reportedly suffered “multiple stab wounds to the torso, contusions to the head from blunt force trauma and his genitals were partially mutilated.” The child was airlifted to a hospital for emergency surgery. ABC-13 reports that he is in “grave and critical” condition, fighting for his life.

Mungia was reportedly diagnosed with postpartum psychosis after giving birth to the child. Although friends and family assumed she was in stable enough condition to care for her son, there is a possibility her illness contributed to her horrific actions. She is scheduled to undergo a mental health evaluation. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has also confirmed that she has been charged with injury to a child. However, she could possibly face additional charges if the child does not live.

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