‘Mass Effect 4’ Teased For An E3 Appearance With Exciting Story And Great Visuals

Mass Effect 4 is one of those games that the current generation console gamers have been waiting for since the Xbox One and the PS4 were first introduced. That means Mass Effect 4 fans have been waiting for the game since before there was a Mass Effect 4 in existence. Now that the game is indeed being made, the waiting and hoping have turned towards getting a first look. Thanks to Senior Development Director Chris Wynn, it appears we’ll get at least a glance of the game in all its glory at this year’s E3.

The news wasn’t exactly broken via a press release. In fact, the news hasn’t really been broken at all, but Wynn did tease the appearance of the game this summer when he was asked about it on Twitter. As GamingBolt points out, when asked by a fan whether or not Mass Effect 4 will be seen at E3, Wynn answered “wait and see!” As announcements go, this isn’t exactly a firm confirmation.

What Wynn says is the very definition of a tease, but it seems likely that he wouldn’t be allowing this kind of smoke unless there was a fire kindling. If there is fire creating that smoke, it appears that at least part of that fire is going to be just how much better this Mass Effect is compared to even the best of the best Mass Effect of the previous generation. Bioware has been looking to put out cinematics that blow people away since the game was only whispers. Now that it seems to definitely be a thing, the pressure is really going to be on.

To that end, Senior Producer Jonathan Warner has also been on Twitter talking about the game. Warner wasn’t teasing the existence of a new Mass Effect so much as he was complimenting the people who are putting it together. While he wouldn’t go into great detail, even using the hashtag #Secret, he did say that he had some “story time” and that he was very excited. This seems to indicate that Warner likes not only the look of the game, but also the story that is going to be told in Mass Effect 4.