New Video Game Releases For The Week of March 1, 2015

Jonathan R. Clauson

Digital content is king in this week of new video game releases. The week of March 1, 2015, will see the release of primarily indie titles suck as OlliOlli2 and Helldivers, along with the continuation of Resident Evil Revelations 2 with the second episode in the series, entitled Contemplation.

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2 launches this week, continuing the story of Raccoon City survivors Claire Redfield and Barry Burton. The second episode of 4, the story continues with Barry Burton hunting for his daughter, Moira, along with a mysterious girl named Natalia. The formerly 3DS exclusive series has earned a a solid round of reviews from the gaming press for the next-gen and PC continuation. Metacritic is showing an average score of 73, with the new Raid Mode earning the highest marks despite having optional micro transactions, which the Inquisitr covered previously.

Rebellion, the developer of Sniper Elite is bringing their much lauded V2 spin-off to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is being rebranded as Zombie Army Triology which includes Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2 along with a new horde mode as well as a new third entry into the series. The alternate World War II series in which Hitler commands an undead army, includes a total of fifteen campaign missions, five horde maps, and 4 male and 4 female players to choose from.

Other titles include the the OlliOlli series, which is making its debut on the Wii U and 3DS as Nintendo's first every Cross-Buy. Similar to the PlayStation Cross Buy system, purchasing OlliOlli on either the Wii U or the 3DS will allow the owner to download it on the other free of charge. OlliOlli2 is making its debut this week, as well, for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

The complete list of new video games for the consoles and hand held systems are below. Be sure to check back every week for our list of new video game releases.

Crimsonland Digital (Cross Buy) PlayStation 3

Helldivers Digital (Cross Buy) PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 3 | PS Vita

La-Mulana EX Digital PS Vita

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars Digital Wii U | 3DS

OlliOlli Digital (Cross Buy) Wii U | 3DS

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood Digital PlayStation 4 | PS Vita

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Digital PlayStation 4

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Ep. 2 Contemplation Digital PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 3 | Xbox One | Xbox 360 | PC

ScreamRide Digital Xbox One | Xbox 360

Shiftlings Digital PlayStation 4 | Xbox One | PC

White Night Digital PlayStation 4

Zombie Army Trilogy Digital PlayStation 4 | Xbox One | PC

[Image Source: Capcom]