Michael Jackson Lawsuit: Katherine Takes Appeal To California Supreme Court

Michael Jackson and the details regarding his death never sat well with his family, including his mother, Katherine Jackson. After a denied appeal regarding her son’s wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live, Katherine is now taking the case to the California Supreme Court.

According to the New York Daily News, the Jackson clan’s attorney, Kevin Boyle, states that even though they weren’t successful with the California Court of Appeals, the family is not giving up. Katherine Jackson has been waiting patiently since the denial of her 2013 wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live, the concert promotion company that handled Michael Jackson’s This is It tour. Boyle says that many people may feel that they just aren’t supposed to win this case, despite the outrage from fans and Jackson family members.

“We’re the underdog and we’re not supposed to win. But I think we should win under the facts of the law here.”

The first appeal started in 2013, after it was alleged that employment negligence was unfairly dismissed from the original wrongful death lawsuit. The Jackson family filed the $1 billion wrongful death claim after learning of questionable details surrounding Michael Jackson’s 2009 death. According to his autopsy, Michael died of cardiac arrest due to high amounts of propofol and benzodiazepine in his system. AEG Live hired Dr. Conrad Murray to care for the King of Pop, and it was Murray who delivered the fatal propofol dosage.

Although Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for his part in Michael Jackson’s death, the family, especially Katherine, feels that since AEG Live hired the doctor, the company is also responsible for the untimely death. However, a Los Angeles County jury found AEG Live “not guilty” for liability in Michael’s death.

Rolling Stone reports that even though the jury determined that AEG Live was responsible for hiring Murray, they didn’t agree that the doctor was incompetent or unable to handle his duties at the time he was hired. This came as a surprise to Boyle.

“We didn’t really expect the jury to find against us on that question. I don’t know if anyone would predict that.”

Last month, Katherine’s re-hearing for the appeal was denied by a lower court. The next step for plaintiffs in California who lose a lower court appeal is to take the case to the California Supreme Court. So for, the date for the latest appeal has not been released.

Meanwhile, a new book about the Thriller singer is slated for publication in two continents. Written by Dieter Wiesner, the pop star’s former manager, the controversial book will be released in Europe by Swiss publisher Artlima AG. Additionally, it’s scheduled to market in the U.S. by Random House, in both audio and paperback formats.

[Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images]