‘Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Slammed For Abandoning Homeless Girlfriend And 3-Year-Old Daughter [Video]

Barry Williams earned fame for his role on The Brady Bunch, but now he’s acquiring infamy. The guy once known as Greg Brady reportedly dumped his girlfriend and abandoned his daughter, who is only three years old, according to the New York Daily News.

Williams and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Kennedy, had been together for seven years. But now she reportedly is out of money and almost out of a home.

In response to Kennedy’s allegations, Barry retorted by terming all of her statements as fiction. In addition, he contended that she deliberately became pregnant after he declined to wed her.

However, Kennedy fired back against the Brady Bunch star on Inside Edition. Referring to her three-year-old daughter, Elizabeth said that the little girl, named Samantha, adores her dad.

“She lights up whenever she sees him on TV,” declared Kennedy.

Moreover, Elizabeth charged that she was evicted from her home just before the winter holidays.

“He allowed us to be evicted two weeks before Christmas,” claimed Barry’s girlfriend.

Why would the Brady Bunch star dump girlfriend and daughter? Kennedy links his departure to the chance for a new career. He’s now a performer in Branson, Missouri.

Barry both stars in live presentations and works on his show, A Very Barry Branson. And with his busy schedule and distance, Elizabeth says that Williams spent only eight hours with his daughter in 2014.

In return, Barry offered up his own accusations in court documents.

“[Her claims are] the rants of a scorned woman,” contended Williams. “[She was] nothing more than a sexual companion.”

Kennedy expressed her emotional pain at his comments.

“It’s the most hurtful thing that anybody’s ever done,” she declared. “…he should be ashamed of himself.”

But a source revealed that Barry disagrees with the accusations that he abandoned his daughter. Instead, that insider claims that Elizabeth declined to permit the Brady Bunch star to visit Samantha.

It’s all a dramatic contrast to how actor Hugh Grant handled his own discovery that he had fathered three babies in 15 months, as the Inquisitr reported.

Grant has a son with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein. She was reportedly pregnant during the same period as Tinglan Hong’s second child with Hugh. Hugh’s first child is a daughter, named Tabitha.

The two moms and children live so close to Hugh’s home in West London that he can walk over to visit them regularly, according to the Daily Mail. In addition, he bought a home for one of the women and supports them all.

[Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images]