Andy Cohen Says ’11th Hour Smoking Gun’ Was Revealed On ‘RHOBH’ Season 5 Reunion

Andy Cohen

Viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will definitely want to watch all parts, untill the very end, of the upcoming reunion special. In his latest Ask Andy segments, executive producer and host Andy Cohen teased that something very explosive was revealed at the very end.

When asked by his assistant to describe the Season 5 reunion, which filmed last Friday, in three words, Andy couldn’t contain himself.

“It was super dramatic. It was emotional. There was an 11th hour smoking gun that was revealed… which was amazing.”

What could the “smoking gun” information be and who could it have involved? Perhaps something about Kim Richards’ relationship with her sister Kyle Richards was revealed? The complicated history and relationship between the two sisters has been a major focal point this past season.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a source told E! News that the two sisters cried and that things got “pretty emotional” between them at the reunion. The source also said that the latest reunion was “more emotional than past years.”

Right after filming the reunion, Kyle, who has been on the show since the very first season, tweeted that it was “hands down” the “toughest reunion yet.”

In her latest blog post, Kyle lamented Kim’s treatment of her as they traveled to and landed in Amsterdam. On the plane ride, Kim, after having just chastised Lisa Rinna for inquiring about her sobriety, angrily asked Kyle why she was hiding behind her coat. Then, after they had landed at the airport and Kyle had to go back to a restroom to retrieve a forgotten suitcase, Kim snapped at Kyle, saying that if she did the same thing, she would’ve been made fun of and yelled at it. Kyle believes that Kim was just going after her for no good reason.

“I couldn’t do anything right in my sister’s eyes and things only get worse from here on.”

Or perhaps the “11th hour smoking gun” had something to do with Brandi Glanville, another member who has frequently been at the center of controversy this past season? A day after the reunion, Brandi tweeted that she was both physically and mentally “exhausted” and that her throat was still sore, presumably from all the yelling and arguing that she did with the other women.

Andy Cohen echoed Kyle Richards’ sentiment about the reunion. After finishing with the ladies, he tweeted that it was the “most intense” Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion that he has ever done. He added that he was “SPENT” from all the drama.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]