The Dress’ Cailtin McNeill Apologizes For Sparking White And Gold/Blue And Black Viral Argument

Pretty much anyone who has been anywhere near a computer over the last 24 hours has found themselves unwillingly engaged in a furious debate over the color of a particular dress.

Is it white and gold? Is it blue and black? Most people have long since given up caring.

And now Caitlin McNeil, the woman who started this incredible viral argument, has apologized for the sparking the furor. The 21-year-old woman who hails from Scotland sparked the mystery when she uploaded the picture to Tumblr via her account, swiked.

Now the entire internet community has the image of that dress burned into their memory, and McNeil has now apologized for what she started. McNeil made the apology to KiSS 92.5, a Toronto based radio station, via Access Hollywood.

“I think I’d like to say I’m sorry to half the world and I’d like to say I’m glad you had a good time arguing with your family to the rest of the world.”

As you can imagine, McNeil noted that she was completely floored and aghast by the response to the post. She admitted that she tried to keep up with all of the comments for the first few hours. However, she soon gave up after the argument spread like wildfire.

“I managed to keep tabs on it for a couple of hours when it first started going a bit crazy, but after that I just kind of completely lost track, so I just keep checking in every now and again and seeing if we’re still trending. It was still absolutely insane. I mean, I still feel like I’m in a bit of a dream.”

Meanwhile, Caitlin McNeil also took this opportunity to fully explain the original incident that led to the internet phenomenon.

“My friends were getting married and it was the mother of the bride’s dress that’s caused all this hassle. I think it was the mother of the bride [who] took the picture and sent it to the bride and then the bride showed it to her fiance and they couldn’t agree on what color it was and that’s kind of where it all started.”

A cavalcade of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, found themselves involved in the ferocious debate, while anyone who is a frequent user of Twitter and Facebook found that their feeds had been clogged up with stories and remarks regarding the garment.

[Image via Dilcdn]