‘Chicago Fire’ Spoilers: How Will The Interim Chief Find Out About Casey And His Wife?

Welch and Casey in Chicago Fire season 3

Dating can be tough on Chicago Fire. Some relationships work out, some don’t. Sometimes characters choose the absolute wrong people to see, even though they know they should put a stop to it. That’s the case with Casey’s newest love interest.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Dawson and Casey aren’t getting back together right now on Chicago Fire. Casey has even begun seeing someone new, only he found out too late that the woman he went home with after the luau is actually the Interim Chief’s ex-wife (now that the papers have been signed). (Chief Boden has taken a leave of absence following his father’s death.) Chief Pridgen is not at all like Boden, and his behavior and attitude hasn’t earned him any friends at the station. To make things worse, he has brought in Welch, who saw Casey and Beth kissing, and warns Dawson that her ex’s behavior could mean trouble for him.

How long will Casey be able to keep his relationship with the Chief’s ex-wife a secret? Well, not for long, as Entertainment Weekly has reported that the truth is coming out sooner rather than later, and that with the secret out, there are going to be possible professional and personal consequences.

“It comes as no surprise that the interim battalion chief will make Casey’s life a living hell, which will lead to a devastating accident that puts the firehouse at risk. But with the news now public, Dawson will begrudgingly take a step towards moving on from Casey, which will put some of the guys in an even more uncomfortable position.”

Furthermore, TV Guide has a sneak peek from the next Chicago Fire Season 3 episode, and Chief Pridgen lets Casey know he knows about him and Beth by asking how he wants to split up the alimony payments. Ouch! Casey assumes Welch told him since he told Dawson and goes to confront him, only for the other firefighter to tell him someone else is guilty of spilling the beans.

“The way I heard it, Beth got liquored up and blabbed to her sister-in-law. Either way, I get a ringside seat to watching your career go down the toilet.”

Uh-oh. What matters is the truth is out, and considering how Pridgen was acting in the last episode, things can only get much, much worse for Casey at work.

If you want a further look at the next episode, “Red Rag the Bull,” watch another sneak peek below to see some of what 51 will be dealing with Tuesday.

In other Chicago Fire Season 3 news, maybe 51 won’t have to deal with Welch for much longer since Deadline has reported that Warren Christie is going to be recurring as a new firefighter on the squad (and childhood friend of Severide’s). He first appears in the episode airing March 10 and could be a series regular in Season 4.

Chicago Fire Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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