Llama Drama Spawns Memes, Twitter Account, #LlamaChase Trends Worldwide

A pair of llamas were on the loose near a West Valley retirement community afternoon on Thursday when they quickly captured the internet’s interest. The two llamas escaped from their owner, which caused a high-speed chase in Sun City, Arizona.

The two llamas – one white and one black – avoided being lassoed as they ran through a town northwest of Phoenix before noon, according to USA Today. The furry pair were also able to dodge cars and passersby as they ran through the busy streets.

The pair of llamas made national news and captivated the internet. The pair even managed to get their own Twitter account at the time of the chase. Buzzfeed, of course, launched a quiz about llamas during the chase. The hashtags #llamas and #llamachase were even trending worldwide on social media.


The llamas even spawned several hilarious memes. Several users on Twitter created the memes, which reportedly went viral, according to Hollywood Life. One user created a spoof of Beyonce and Jay Z’s On the Run Tour. Meanwhile, another user spoofed Lana Del Rey’s debut album Born to Die. Some of the memes ended up trending on Twitter for several hours.


It’s unclear where the llamas were running from, according to USA Today, but the two animals were finally found safe and sound. The hour-long chase found the llamas dodging vehicles and interrupting several drivers and pedestrians.

The Inquisitr reported on the wild llama chase, explaining that the chase caused a huge crowd to gather in Sun City and watch the llamas as they ran around and tried to escape police. There were other residents in the area who gathered and tried to herd the animals out of the way of oncoming traffic.

As the llamas ran through the streets and into a field, they ran to a neighborhood near 103rd and Grand Avenues, where they hid between two houses. The llamas were finally captured by members of the Maricopa County Sherrif’s Office and were brought into the awaiting police SUVs.

The llama chase has been one of the biggest collective internet events since “Balloon Boy.” That event happened when an alleged 6-year-old boy drifted away inside of a helium balloon. “Balloon Boy” launched almost a million memes and had the internet talking, although it was later revealed as a hoax for an upcoming reality show, according to Gizmodo.

Did you watch the llama chase on Thursday afternoon? What is your favorite live internet event of all time?

[Image: Twitter]