‘The Dress’ Paves The Way For Some Of The Funniest Internet Memes

The dress, better known on the internet at #TheDress, has caused some of the funniest internet memes you might see all year. According to Yahoo! News, the heated arguments about whether someone’s dress is white and gold or blue and black have shifted into who can make the best joke out of this whole thing. Oh, and for the record, calling the dress “ugly” or “fugly” is so last Wednesday. It’s time to step up the game, people!

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, even celebrities have gotten in on the debate, many sticking to what they see and actively taking part in one of the biggest social experiments ever.

While there are still hundreds if not thousands of people debating the colors of that darn dress, the majority of people have shifted their focus. Since everyone now knows that the dress is blue and black (gasp!), people might as well have a little fun.

All that said, check out some of the best memes below.

#TheDress Somewhat amusing :P pic.twitter.com/MlMYx5sura

— T△M (@TomJayy_) February 28, 2015

If you weren’t clear about the dress… (Thanks @Kelly_Herself!) pic.twitter.com/Zj3UMao4Tp

— Rhea ☀ (@Dannys40girl) February 27, 2015

If none of those made you laugh, you might take some comfort in knowing that you have a backup Halloween costume for next year. How many people do you think will actually wear “the dress” for fun?

For more hilarious internet memes involving the dress, check out this article by News Australia. Post your favorite joke about the dress in the comments section below — and while you’re at it… what color do you see the dress as? Are you team white and gold or team black and blue?

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]