Morrissey Attacked Down Under By Aussie Meatheads: ‘He’s A F***king Knobhead’

Morrissey has long made his feelings clear on the mass slaughtering of animals and consumption of another creature’s flesh, but it would appear Mozza’s staunch vegetarian stance hasn’t gone down at all well down under. Australian omnivores criticized the singer for turning Sydney Opera House into a meat free zone when he performs there over four nights in May.

Morrissey has previously refused to appear at venues where they still flip burgers, fry chicken, and sell meat pies, but many people are unhappy with what they regard as Morrissey’s totalitarian stance when it comes to a consumer’s right to butcher and gorge on a dead pig or a baby lamb.

The Australian Associated Press reported that organizers of the Vivid LIVE festival, where Morrissey will perform a series of concerts, have told fans that if they want to enjoy their daily piece of pork or slice of beef as they watch Morrissey gyrate and wail on stage, they’ll have to do so before attending the Sydney Opera House because Morrissey has insisted on it becoming a flesh-free zone.

Which is not completely unexpected for a man who’s alway been extremely vocal about animal rights and famous for singing “Meat is Murder.”

However, they do love their meat down under, and in the land of barbecues and kangaroo killers, Morrissey’s vegetarianism hasn’t gone down at all well with Australian omnivores. Many meat enthusiasts took to Twitter to attack Morrissey and celebrate their love of eating dead flesh.

One called Morrissey a “wank*r,” and another dismissed him as a “f**king knobhead.” Many others decided to celebrate their hatred of Morrissey by eating even more meat.

“Morrissey is touring! I’m going to order double meat on my lunch sub to celebrate! #MeatIsDelicious,” said @Patrickavenell.

“If I had to make a choice between watching Morrissey perform and eating meat, I’d go with meat any day,” said @rickeyre.

Keep on rocking in the free world fellas, and toss another shrimp on the barbie while you’re at it.

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