Mom Pulls Gun On Girl After Jumping Into A School Fight To Defend Her Daughter [Video]

One Texas mom is in hot water after she allegedly tried to diffuse a fight between her daughter and another girl. However, her shocking effort could possibly lead to jail time. According to KFOR, Viridiana Alvarez’s daughter was involved in a fight with a female student in a park across the street from Pasadena High School on Tuesday, February 24.

The reason for the girls’ fight was relatively typical. Apparently, they were at odds over a boy, and the situation, which began as a verbal sparring match, escalated to a physical altercation — until Alvarez pulled out a gun. Of course, the fight was caught on camera because several students filmed it with cell phones. Now, the video has surfaced online. Although most of the students’ faces are blurred because they’re underage, Alvarez can be seen quite clearly as she approaches the teenage girl with the gun.

According to KPRC, Alvarez wasn’t arrested or charged initially, but after reviewing footage of the altercation, the Pasadena ISD Police Department confirmed the 33-year-old mom did point the gun at the girl’s head. The discovery reportedly led to Alvarez’s arrest.

Surprisingly, Alvarez insists the gun was not loaded and was only used as a fear tactic to scare the other girl. However, local authorities aren’t taking the situation lightly. She has been charged with aggravated assault. Administrators for the Pasadena Independent School District also sent a notification letter home to parents detailing the incident. Needless to say, many parents are outraged by Alvarez’s actions, reports WWMT.

“If you have a problem with the other little girl, you should’ve went to the little girl’s mother and told the mother look, this is going on, this needs to happen, put your foot down, be an adult,” one parent said.

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[Image via Pasadena ISD Communications & Community Relations]