'50 Shades Of Grey' Screening Evacuated After Woman Begins Vomiting And Soiling Herself

Zachary Volkert

Everyone has known that Fifty Shades of Grey was going to be a controversial film from the start. After all, the book series itself incurred quite a criticism on its own. Much like gross-out scenes in theater-clearing classics like The Exorcist, Fifty Shades of Grey can now claim the distinction of having an audience walk out -- though this time the evacuation was unrelated to the film's racy content.

A woman attending a Fifty Shades of Grey screening in the town of Milton Keynes, England, was reportedly so drunk that she began repeatedly vomiting during a screening of the film at a Cineworld location. But emptying the contents of her stomach onto the theater floor wasn't the only putrid substance that caused the evacuation. Fifty Shades of Grey attendees were even more horrified when the woman also lost control of her bowels and bladder, spreading a horrific odor around the auditorium, according to moviegoers, reported the Mirror.

"We all expected to see Christian Grey gag 
Anastasia as part of the plot. We certainly didn't 
expect to be gagging ourselves because of the stench. She lost control of 
everything, including all bodily 
fluids. The whole cinema stank."

The Mirror also reported that Fifty Shades of Grey fans attending the screening received refunds following the evacuation, as there was no way to clean up the revolting mess in a timely enough fashion to resume the screening.

Though it seems that the woman's reaction was due more to amount of alcohol in her stomach than the content of the film, there are no doubt opponents of Fifty Shades of Grey who are celebrating any bad press that comes along with the theater evacuation.

Long before the movie was even cast, members of the BDSM community had torn apart the film for its portrayal of their sexual proclivities. Namely, the fact that the couple at the center of Fifty Shades of Grey don't make clear the rules of consent and mutual pleasure that are the foundation of traditional domination and submission relationships. Similarly, domestic abuse survivors have felt uneasy about the ideas that the film perpetuates. Critics were further incensed when a man recently raped a woman claiming Fifty Shades of Grey served as inspiration, as previously reported Inquisitr.

Beyond the polemic social debate at the center of Fifty Shades of Grey's message, the film has also had a string of odd occurrences at various screenings even before the bodily fluid evacuation in England. Several drive-in theaters have received complaints about playing the film within view of people passing by, including one in Concord, California, where Fifty Shades of Grey was viewable from a separate screening of the Spongebob movie. In Mexico, another woman was thrown out of a screening for masturbating during the film.

[Images via Timothy Krause/Flickr and Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]