February 25, 2015
‘Minecraft’ Xbox One Surprise Update Gives Fans An Early Look At ‘The Simpsons’ DLC

Xbox One owners may have noticed that they were prompted to download a small update for Minecraft today. However, 4J Studios has not yet released any patch notes for what was altered. Making today's new Xbox One Minecraft craft even more mysterious, the developer confirmed on the their official Twitter account that the update was released early, and even they were surprised to see it become available to download.

Besides revealing that the new Xbox One update for Minecraft was surprisingly released earlier, 4J Studios didn't discuss what the patch actually did. This left Minecraft users to try to discover what was added in today's download on their own. It didn't take long before fans began replying to the developer's tweet to inform fans that the update gave players the ability to view The Simpsons add-on skins that will be added in the upcoming skin pack DLC for or the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The update didn't actually make the content available for purchase, however. Minecraft users can simply browse through each of The Simpsons avatars, as they can now be previewed within the Xbox One version of Minecraft whenever fans attempt to change their current skin.

Minecraft: The Simpsons Skin Pack
Minecraft: The Simpsons Skin Pack (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

The Inquisitr first reported on the upcoming Simpsons skin pack in January. The DLC will give Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners access to 24 new Minecraft avatar skins inspired by the long-running animated program, including the entire Simpson family of Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie.

At that time, Microsoft's official Xbox news blog announced that the licensed Minecraft DLC will release on Xbox consoles late this month. It has not yet been confirmed if the add-on will be heading to other Minecraft platforms, such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

Giving Playstation fans some renewed hope that they, too, might eventually receive The Simpsons skin pack DLC for Minecraft, Microsoft Studios' Roger Carpenter discussed his desire to make sure all add-ons release across all platforms. Carpenter, who has been the lead producer of all Xbox versions of Minecraft, reassured fans via Twitter that he wants Minecraft players to be able to access all of the game's DLC regardless of what system they own.

"About DLC stuff...it just takes time to get things sorted, we aim for all packs to arrive on Sony versions."
While Xbox Owners can now take a look at how The Simpsons skins will look in Minecraft, the DLC has not yet actually released, so gamers can't actually use the new avatars while playing. After the add-on does finally launch, do you plan on picking up the new Minecraft skin pack inspired by the popular cartoon show?

[Images via Xbox Wire]