Google Earth Integrates Google+

Google Earth was recently updated to version 6.2 and included in the new update is integration with Google+. The social network is growing at a rapid rate and Google is integrating the site with more and more of it’s products.

One of the biggest integrations was in search which caused a lot of people to question the change and even caused the FTC to add it to their probe of the company. Anyways, the new version allows for very easy sharing to your circles on Google+ and letting people see where you’ve traveled to, of course virtually.

Via eWeek:

“Google continued its wholesale integration of Google+ with its existing applications, launching Google Earth 6.2 with the capability to let users share their virtual images with their contacts on the social network. Google Earth 6.2 includes the option to let users share a screenshot of their current Google Earth image, as well as images of places they’ve already “virtually traveled” with contacts in their Circles.”

“To share images of cities, oceans and other location to Google+ followers, users must sign into their Google Account in the upper right hand corner of Google Earth and click the Share option.”

The company has recently been quite the topic of conversation lately. On one side, over 90 Million people are using their social network with 60 percent being active daily and having a great experience. On the other side, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are concerned, while they won’t say it, that Google will cut into their market share by further integrating Google+ into all of its products and services.

Do you use Google Earth?