Chelsea Handler in Back Brace After Night Out

Well, she’s at it again! Famous E! talk show host and professional alcoholic Chelsea Handler was seen in a back brace after a night of partying.

According to Page Six Chelsea had no problem with knocking back vodka last Friday at the Gansevoort Hotel until the party she was supposed to attend started at midnight. According to sources Handler moved inside for Calvin Harris’ DJ set, and the Are you There, Chelsea? creator partied until 3 am.

This morning when Handler showed up for Live! With Regis And Kelly, she let everyone know that she had way too much fun with her night of partying and even brought up the Page Six story.

“Not to be funny, but I’m actually wearing a back brace because of something that happened that night,” Handler explained. “I do this glide where I’m really happy and I sit while I dance because I have to hold onto something that’s stable.”

Handler also revealed that she was given steroids to deal with her back problem that resulted from her injury that night as well.

Hopefully someone writes this little episode into her show.