Lydia McLaughlin Opens Up About Hawaii Vacation With Newborn

Mary Jane

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin has been off the show for over a season now, and she appears to have no regrets when it comes to leaving the wildly successful show behind. At the time, Lydia revealed that she wanted to focus on her family and possibly have another child. It is very possible that she knew she was pregnant at the time, because it didn't take long for her to reveal that she was expecting her third child.

Lydia McLaughlin gave birth to Roman, her third son, late last year. McLaughlin has been sharing updates about the newborn on her social media pages, and she even revealed the baby's nursery prior to his arrival. And even though she was nursing a newborn, Lydia and her husband decided to go on a vacation with their boys.

According to a new OC Lydia post, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin is now opening up about their vacation to Hawaii. The couple went away with three children for 12 days, but McLaughlin reveals that the trip was magical.

"We recently just had a baby…like 3 months ago…aaaand so we planned a trip to Hawaii! Three kids, six and under, on a 6 hour plane is no joke! But we did it and we will forever remember the 12 days we spent on the Big Island," Lydia McLaughlin revealed on her website.

"If you have an urge to go somewhere or do something, do it! Make it happen. Don't list off excuses, go for it! Life is fun when you step outside your comfort. The season we are in with life right now, staying at home is way easier. But we hopped on a plane, and it was so worth it!"

Maybe The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin wanted to see how she felt after having her third child. Clearly, money is not an issue for this couple, so Lydia would want to join the show to have fun. But McLaughlin does have other things to keep her busy, including Roman and a new fashion and lifestyle blog.

— Lydia McLaughlin (@OCLydia) February 23, 2015

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