February 25, 2015
Does Sarah Hyland Have A Crush On 'The Theory Of Everything' Star Eddie Redmayne?

Sarah Hyland is finally in a good place now. After a tumultuous break-up from an abusive relationship with High School Musical star Matt Prokop, the 24-year-old actress has finally moved on and enjoying her life and career like never before.

Hyland's role in the hit sitcom Modern Family -- albeit the same, old vapid teenager shtick -- has started to see better character development halfway into this season. She's also got Dominic Sherwood now, her new juicy beau. If you're having a hard time placing the name on the face (like we did), he's that hot hunk from that lousy film Vampire Academy.

Things between Sarah and Dominic are going pretty well so far. They both attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation 23rd Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party last Sunday, and according to InStyle, she was noticeably cozy and close with her new found boyfie.

However, Sarah Hyland's words of praise for recently awarded Theory of Everything Star Eddie Redmayne led a few fans to speculate if the actress' admiration for the 33-year-old star is a hint of attraction towards the actor. InStyle recently asked Hyland what her favorite part of the Oscar's night was and this was her response.

"My highlight of the night was Eddie Redmayne's win. I wanted him to win so badly. He's just the nuggetiest nugget of all the nuggets in nuggetland. He's so adorable and amazing and so brilliant. Everyone's so good, but there's just something about him that caught me this year. I also thought Neil Patrick Harris was amazing—I thought it was a great show."
We have soooo many questions about this. First, what or where in the world is nuggetland? That sounds like a totally amazing place. Secondly, does Sarah Hyland have a crush on Eddie Redmayne?

The easy answer here is maybe. Or maybe not. We actually have no idea. Until the word "adorable," it was for us really hard to tell from Sarah Hyland's word salad. Besides, a crush hardly means anything, if she actually feels that way at all. When you work in an industry where you have to endure the pain of being surrounded by beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people (oh, the agony), you're bound to have a crush or two or a million.

If she does have a crush on Redmayne, we really can't blame her. Have you seen the guy? Next to Benedict Cumberbatch, he's probably the dreamiest Brit actor out there.

A few fans were quick to interpret Hyland's expression of admiration for Redmayne maliciously, but at the end of the day, the actress' words just mean that the actor played one hell of a physicist on film and that his outstanding performance managed to captivate the hearts of many viewers worldwide -- Sarah Hyland's included.

[Image from Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images]