Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Todd Gurley Could Be Team’s Next Running Back If DeMarco Murray Leaves

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be doing all they can to keep DeMarco Murray, but if they’re not going to scrape together enough money to keep him and stay under the cap, there could be a promising new face in town.

Both Murray and wide receiver Dez Bryant will be free agents, and while the team is exploring ways to keep them both, some experts think they could pluck the top running back from this year’s NFL draft. Georgia running back Todd Gurley, who was once pegged as a top 10 pick, may be able to fall to the Cowboys if fears about his surgically repaired knee scare off other teams.

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay thinks Gurley could still be on the board at No. 27.

“He’s just an absolute freight train as a runner,” McShay said during a Monday conference call. “He’s one cut and go. He lowers his shoulder. He’s like Marshawn Lynch. He just breaks through so many one on one tackles. What separates him from a lot of other big backs is, one: his top-end speed. It’s an elite combination of size and speed. The second part is his pass-catching ability, which nobody seems to talk about.”

Publicly, the Dallas Cowboys said they would like to find a way to keep both Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray. Owner Jerry Jones recently said he has tried to work in a way to keep Murray.

He also noted that Murray’s production is likely to drop next year, with the team not relying so heavily on the back.

“We want DeMarco enough that I’ve got some serious flexibility in my [budget],” Jones told reporters, according to ESPN Dallas.

“[We] want Murray for his career as well.”

“There’s no question that Murray is an outstanding football player in my mind,” he continued.

“Our wish is to work something out, and we’re going to strive to do that to the extent that we can. There’s some unique circumstances here. He won (offensive player of the year). We had the top rushing game, so relative to values, that creates some things that wouldn’t be there had we not had some of the success that we’ve had.”

If DeMarco Murray does leave, the Dallas Cowboys would be hard-pressed to find a better consolation prize than Todd Gurley. The Georgia back is still recovering and missed the combine last weekend in Indianapolis, but is still seen by many as the top running back in the 2015 NFL Draft.