Fake Jim Carrey Makes Czech Award Show Feel Dumb And Dumber

An unknown man posed as a fake Jim Carrey and managed to gain access to the Czech Republic’s most esteemed awards show the night before the Oscars, a report from Variety can confirm. The show was broadcast live over the country’s TV stations on Saturday night with the Carrey impersonator appearing on-stage in full tuxedo while the show’s host looked on unaware of the gag.

Host Lucie Vyborne told the Blesk Prague newspaper that the guest was indeed the real Jim Carrey and not a fake as was later discovered, despite the imposter bearing any resemblance to the Hollywood star.

Of course the real Jim Carrey was on the stage. I knew that he would come but I did not know what he would do there.

The gag continued long after the ceremony was over with members of the Czech Film And Television Academy (CFTA) still believing that it was Jim Carrey himself who walked onto the stage. When it was revealed to be a fake, the CFTA released an official statement saying that, “We were the victims of an elaborate hoax.” However, they were quite relieved that they hadn’t paid the impersonator for his stunt.

We communicated with the supposed Hollywood actor’s agents and he came with bodyguards and an interpreter so it all appeared very professional with nothing suggesting it was a hoax.

According to The Guardian, the man posing as the fake Hollywood star was later identified as Hari Zinhasovic. Allegedly the prankster had received a letter from the real actor’s management asking if he would like to be on the award show. With a cheeky grin, Zinhasovic was able to fool award show officials into thinking he was the real Dumb & Dumber actor, even as audience members looked on suspiciously.

Jim Carrey is no stranger to pranks himself. Just last month, rumours began to spread over the internet of the star’s untimely death with a mourning Facebook group being set up and receiving nearly one million ‘likes’ almost instantly.

When he found out about the incident in the Czech Republic, Carrey published an update on his official Twitter profile broadcasting his thoughts on the fakery.

You can see Zinhascovic posing as the fake Jim Carrey in the video below.