February 23, 2015
Diminishing 2015 Tax Return? You Can Thank Obamacare! [Opinion]

Despite the many misrepresentations (i.e. "lies") in the selling of Obamacare, the one thing Americans weren't expecting was diminishing tax returns. The 2015 tax refund is the first where Americans are required to prove that they have healthcare insurance for the entire 2014 calendar year or pay a penalty.

The New York Times reported that the Obama Administration provided 800,000 Americans the wrong tax credit information concerning their coverage for 2014. The impact is that these Americans will have amend their filed taxes or see dramatic changes in what they will either owe or receive in their tax refund.

Despite the flowery review in the New York Times article, Americans need to realize that their tax refunds are just the topic of the next "Gruberism" concerning Obamacare.

"CBO score the mandate as taxes…"
The reason your tax return is going to now be the focus of Obamacare should be apparent. Obamacare, just like the universal healthcare systems in Europe it was modeled after, will need an ever increasing revenue stream. AARP, an early supporter of Obamacare, completed a study of European healthcare systems, detailing how they are raising taxes to continue to finance their unwieldy healthcare systems. As shown in the study, the primary option for these countries was to continually increase taxes.

Didn't Obama say?

"…Your premiums will go down..."
The "Gruberisms" do continue. If you remember from the video, Jonathan Gruber stated Obamacare would not have passed if Obama had told the truth.
"Healthy will pay in…"
This is the new reality for Americans. You will pay either $95 or 1% of your income, whichever is higher, for not having insurance, according to The Wall Street Journal. Someone has to pay for Obamacare, but the reality is everyone will pay for the increasing costs. Bill Clinton and Obama participated in a forum where they said that if young, healthy people did not purchase actual health insurance plans -- Obamacare would fail.

The intent was already there. That is why every time the CBO re-scored Obamacare, the costs increases. With the IRS as the enforcement mechanism, the tax returns of all Americans are to be tapped first and then taken if all else fails. Forbes is reporting that the average tax refund for Americans is $3,366. That may seem like a lot of money – which for most Americans it is – but you also need to remember the line that made Jonathan Gruber famous.

"…stupidity of the American voter…"
Supporters of Obamacare should look at the average refund amount needs to be revisited once April 15 passes. What is the likelihood of it remaining above $3,000? It will not stay at that level. Most of the 800,000 will either owe money or have their return significantly diminished.

There are so many questions that should be asked -- instead Obama sits down for interviews with YouTube stars. The reality is your 2015 tax return will be the high point in what will be an ever diminishing return thanks to Obamacare.