Bobbi Kristina Brown: Nick Gordon Turns Down Opportunity To See Her Amid Feud With Family

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, wants to visit her in the hospital. Since he was banned from the hospital due to a restraining order filed by Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Pat Houston, he’s been unable to see her. But, that’s not all.

According to the Mirror, Nick has also been banned from the townhome he shared with Bobbi Kristina. Since he is not legally married to her, the family had the power to ban him from the residence as well.

“Nick has been told the townhouse is no longer available for him to live in and to find other living accommodations,” a source revealed.

Then, of course, the criminal investigation launched by the Roswell Police Department doesn’t make his difficult situation any easier. On Saturday, February 21, Nick took to Twitter with a sentimental plea asking to see Bobbi Kristina.

“Let me in the hospital to see my girl and let her hear my voice,” he tweeted Saturday. “If she hears my voice, let me massage her, play her favorite music I believe it will help.”

According to TMZ, Nick has decided to voice his concerns publicly because he is not on amicable terms with the family. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look there’s a chance of reconciliation any time soon — if ever. But, apparently, they heard his plea loud and clear. Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, also decided to address his statement.


Bobby’s attorney, Christopher Brown, has released another statement insisting Nick actually turned down the opportunity he was given to visit her in the hospital. The statement also revealed that Nick refused to cooperate and follow the terms of the agreement offered in order for him to visit her. The statement also slammed Nick’s desperate plea to see Bobbi Kristina.

“To address the continued and never ending media requests for comment about Mr. Gordon’s requests to visit Bobbi Kristina, let me be very clear, Mr. Gordon was offered an opportunity to potentially visit Bobbi Kristina and he declined to meet the terms of any possible visit. Obviously Mr. Gordon is not as desperate to visit Bobbi Kristina as he wants the world to believe.”

So, was it a fair deal? Unfortunately, details about the terms of the agreement weren’t released. But, it seems Nick has missed his opportunity to see his ailing girlfriend. The criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s bathtub incident will be ongoing.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]