‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Free Until Sunday On Steam, ‘Havoc’ DLC Releases This Week

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is free on Steam this weekend for PC gamers to frag each other. Activision is allowing Steam users who have yet to purchase the game a chance to play it for free until Sunday afternoon, though the game is on sale until Monday if gamers decide to pull the trigger.

The free weekend on PC comes at an interesting time, as Advanced Warfare’s DLC titled “Havoc” releases on PC February 26. The DLC has been available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 since last month, and will also release on Sony’s consoles this week alongside the PC.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been lauded as one of the best in the series since its release last fall, and the PC version has been given the same treatment as its console counterparts, a rarity with most large-scale games today.

Set in 2054, players take control of a Marine who was injured during a war with North Korea. Given a second chance thanks to revolutionary prostetic technology, you work to make the world a safer place alongside your comrades at ATLAS, a private security company run by Jonathan Irons, played by Kevin Spacey.

Advanced Warfare Kevin Spacey

Advanced Warfare’s “Havoc” DLC gives players a chance to take on the game’s Exo-Zombies mode, a throwback to the Treyarch-developed zombie modes of Call of Duty past. However, Advanced Warfare’s DLC allows players to take control over four Hollywood stars, such as John Malkovich and Bill Paxton. “Havoc” also introduces four new maps for Advanced Warfare in addition to the Exo-Zombie mode, giving players new areas to test their skill with the increased movement and verticality of Advanced Warfare’s Exo-Suits.

Treyarch is already hard a work on 2015’s Call of Duty, and hopefully the team that brought the Zombie mode to the franchise can capitalize on Advanced Warfare’s success. Recently, the Inquisitr looked at what the next Call of Duty needed to do in order to keep the series fresh.

The Steam sale for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ends Monday, so players wanting to experience the game on PC need to hurry. The sale has Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty right under $40, so it’s a great incentive to get into the futuristic warfare at a cheaper price. All editions of the game are on sale, including Advanced Warfare’s season pass, so if you’re interested in picking up “Havoc” as well, you can get it and the rest of the DLC to be released at a bargain.

[Images via Call of Duty]