Powerball Winning Numbers For February 21: Can You Claim The $60 Million Prize?

Getting a big financial gift is something that anyone and everyone could use, and that’s why it sometimes pays to play the Powerball. For the drawing taking place on Saturday, February 21, the drawing will be up to $60 million since it has been a full two drawings since anyone has won. That’s worth chancing a few bucks for some tickets, isn’t it?

If you’re hoping that your tickets have the Powerball winning numbers, check out what was drawn below.

Here are the winning numbers for February 21: 10, 14, 18, 34, 51 with a Powerball of 26. Power Play was at 2X.

On Saturday evening, anyone who won the Powerball would take home a jackpot of $60 million. Well, if you chose to take the lump sum payment as your winnings, then you took home $40.1 million, and that isn’t too shabby either.

Fox 8 reported that this past Wednesday’s drawing didn’t have a jackpot winner, but it was revealed that an Ohio group won a $1 million prize from a February 11 drawing. Nineteen people from the Orbis Corp. manufacturing plant were in on it and will each take home $37,000 after taxes.

That was just one of three $1 million second-tier prizes sold in that particular Powerball drawing.

According to STL Today, there was an Air Force and Army veteran who won $1 million in the February 11 Powerball drawing as well. Thirty-one-year-old Caleb Guin won with a ticket he purchased at a gas station and happened to match all five of the white ball winning numbers.

After his luck in the Powerball drawing, he now thinks he may plan a trip to Las Vegas and try his hand at poker.

Winning the Powerball can truly change the lives of anyone that is lucky enough to match all of those numbers. It can be life-saving and change how everything happens in a person’s life for the rest of it.

If the Powerball doesn’t have anyone match all numbers on Saturday evening, then the jackpot will raise again for Wednesday’s drawing. The jackpot has the chance to grow to $70 million or possibly even more, depending on the amount of ticket sales.

The Powerball drawing and winning numbers tonight may have made someone a whole lot richer. Some believe that it isn’t worth playing if the jackpot is below $100 million, but it’s hard to imagine anyone that couldn’t do with $50 million that they didn’t have before.

[Image via ABC News]