Jay Z’s First Rap Video Goes Viral On YouTube [Video]

Jay Z

Shawn Carter, better known as Jay Z, has made his name as a rapper with amazing rhyming and writing skills. Having worked his way off the streets to become one of the richest hip hop artists to date, Jay Z’s lyrics have long painted a picturesque view of a man standing under a street lamp with crack rocks in his palm, watching out for the long arm of the law, as Jay Z so eloquently rhymed. There was a point in time, however, when Jay Z first began his illustrious career approximately 25 years ago, when he wasn’t rapping about abstaining from popping Molly and rocking Tom Ford designer gear. Instead, Jay Z was hanging out with Big Daddy Kane on Rap City, and a young Jay Z got some precious screen time as an unknown when Jay was allowed to spit a freestyle rhyme for the first time. The YouTube video titled “JAY Z’s 1st Rap EVER on TV They Didn’t Even Say His Name!” has received nearly 230,000 views since being uploaded on February 12.

The video of the younger Jay Z, with his neat buzz cut and parts in his hair is going viral thanks to publications like Entertainment Tonight making viewers aware of the obscure video of Jay Z, which shows off the early rapping skills that Jay Z possessed even back at that point — making his talent apparent at a young age. The viral video is a light-hearted look at a guy who is now in the news due to another young man who is fighting to prove Jay Z is his father, reports the New York Daily News‎. Rymir Satterthwaite launched a court battle in an effort to prove that Jay Z fathered him, and Rymir’s godmother — Lillie Coley — says her 21-year-old godson won’t stop fighting the court fight.

“It will work out, you’ll see. The miracle will still happen. We’re up against a guy with all this money, and we’re still here.”

Similar to the young Jay Z seen in the viral video footage unearthed of his first rhymes, Rymir Satterthwaite is also a young man who wants to make a name for himself in the world of rap, and it’s duly noted that Rymir is low on money that he needs to pay his legal fees and for dental work.

Based on the outcome of the legal battle, it’ll be interesting for Jay Z fans to learn if Rymir is actually his biological son, or simply a young rapper seeking fame and connection through other means. Either way, as the hot rap music featured on shows like the Empire TV show on Fox prove, lucrative hits on iTunes can be a boon for the rap artists, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image of Jay Z via Rap City]