Dutch Man Survives Fall: 4,000-Foot Fall On ‘World’s End’ Cliff Fails To Kill Man On His Honeymoon

A Dutch man survived a fall after plummeting 4,000-feet to the ground from the World’s End cliff in central Sri Lanka. The 35-year-old man was on his honeymoon when he slipped and took a fall that could’ve been far worse.

New York Daily News reports that the honeymooner is the first to survive a fall from the steep cliff. If it weren’t for a tree that broke his fall, it could have easily been a different story.

The World’s End cliff is a popular tourist attraction in the country. The Dutch man and his new wife were taking photos before everything unraveled, army spokesman, Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera, said. After he went over the cliff’s edge, he fell onto a tree about 130-feet from the top; this prevented him from being further injured or killed.

“He was extremely lucky because he fell on top of a tree about 130 feet from the top,” says Jayaweera.

After the Dutch man survived the fall, about 40 Sri Lankan army troops rescued the man by using a rope to slide down, clear out brush, and get him to safety. Soldiers carried him on their shoulders for about three miles until they got to a point where a vehicle was accessible to drive him to the hospital.

The man is reported to be in stable condition since the near-deadly fall.


As the Inquisitr just recently reported, a woman fell to her death in Ibiza after her longtime boyfriend proposed to her. She fell 65-feet after losing her balance from jumping up and down in excitement over her proposal. Her boyfriend chose a romantic Mediterranean island to pop the question. After the woman fell, she had a heart attack from her injuries. Police ruled it a “tragic freak accident.”

In another freak accident reported by the Washington Post in August, 2014, a Polish couple was snapping selfies of themselves on a cliff in Portugal. They handed the camera to their two young children — ages five and six — to take the photos when they suddenly lost their footing and fell off the cliff in Cabo da Roca. The children were fine, but the parents were killed in the tragedy. The pair fell between 260 and 460-feet to the ground.

Cliffs have spectacular views and are a popular attraction, especially for a proposals, honeymoons, and other romantic settings. The Dutch man survived a fall that could have ended as tragically as the others, but he was far luckier than many.

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org]