Chris Brown Says He Made Drake Famous — Is He Serious?

Chris Brown made some pretty controversial comments about rapper Drake during a Hot 97 interview on Friday. Gossip Cop reports that the “Loyal” hit maker addressed the feud that exists between him and Drizzy Drake, but what he said may have only added more fuel to their ongoing beef.

During the Hot 97 interview the subject of his feud with Drake came up, to which he shot down in a way that only seemed like he was trying to cast some shade in the other rapper’s direction.

“Yo, we’re not getting no check from talking [about the] dude. We giving him all this pub… At the end of the day, I look at it like this: I can’t keep making these motherf*ckers famous. I’m responsible for a lot of reviving of careers, and I think when I keep talking about somebody… Even right now, I’m just making him hot right now because I’m just talking about him.”

So it seems that Breezy thinks he had a role in Drake achieving fame and popularity. He also apparently thinks that he’s made more than just the “Own It” rapper famous, judging by his comments. So who all was he talking about when he said he revives a lot of careers?

Meanwhile Drake is spending his time turning surprise mixtapes into riches. Forbes is referring to his latest mixtape, If You’re Reading This, as “instant gold.” So if Chris Brown is trying to keep the beef between them going, he probably won’t notice. However, one should ask Brown how big of a role he played in the success of If You’re Reading This, since he believes he has helped in what he calls a “revival” of Drake’s career.

Chris Brown and Drake have been feuding since at least 2012, but it may have actually began prior to this in 2009 when Drake actually dated Rihanna — which was not long after Brown brutally assaulted the “Diamonds” singer. Their beef has become violent at least once, and both of them have thrown shade at one another repeatedly in media interviews, as well as in songs. In 2013, Drake reportedly summed up their beef in a brief quote during an interview.

“Stop preying on his insecurities. His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more poppin’ than him, and that at one point in life, the woman that he loves fell into my lap. I did what a real n**ga would do and treated her with respect, so she not up there talking down on me…”

How long could this feud last between Drizzy and Breezy? It seems that this Hot 97 interview was more of the same old beef, but will Drake even bother with a response?

[Photo: New York Daily News/FilmMagic]