Savannah Guthrie Receives Support After Oversleeping: What Is Next For ‘Today’ Show Host?

Savannah Guthrie is making news this weekend for doing something many Americans do every day. The Today show host hit the snooze button when her alarm went off on Thursday morning, and she almost overslept and missed her time on the morning news show, according to the Spread It.

She almost showed up late to the NBC studios in New York City, and she shared her experience with her fans on Twitter. It was the first time she overslept since joining the NBC morning show. Guthrie even jokingly asked her boss not to fire her for her tardiness to the set.

She sent another tweet that asked a question many might ask themselves when their day starts the way hers did as well.

Guthrie did not reveal why she overslept on Thursday, but she does have a few reasons that could explain it. Guthrie is the mother of a 6-month-old infant. Her daughter, Vale, is still not sleeping through an entire night.

On top of that, the east coast was hit hard by a winter storm this week. Bitterly cold temperatures and icy roads were making everyone a bit late this week.

Guthrie did manage to make it to the NBC studios in enough time for hair and make-up, and she was on air when the broadcast started.

Savannah is receiving a lot of support after she overslept. TV news anchors stepped up and spoke out in support of Guthrie. Sara Dayley, a reporter, showed her support.

“You are human, sometimes your body can’t take it anymore, it happens to reporters all the time, particularly those who also have small children.”

Guthrie is also receiving support from her fans on Twitter. Several tweets by viewers went out during Thursday’s broadcast and in the days that followed.

Guthrie might not have to worry about oversleeping in the near future. The Daily Caller has reported that Guthrie is being considered as a replacement for Brian Williams.

“Secret sources say Savannah has slid into first place among the names that have been mentioned in recent days that include Lester Holt and Matt Lauer.”

According to the Inquisitr, Williams was suspended by NBC for six months without pay after his credibility was called into question. It was revealed that he lied on air during several news reports over the years.

Not long after his suspension was announced, reports started to surface that Guthrie was in line for his spot on the NBC Nightly News. Guthrie joined the Today show in 2011.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]