Charli XCX On Her Violent Mood Swings: ‘I Am A Very Unstable Person’

Charli XCX became an overnight success thanks to a string of top hits such as “Fancy” and “Boom Clap,” the latter of which stems from her smash sophomore album Sucker. But that doesn’t mean the 22-year-old’s world is all glamour and fame.

In a revealing interview with the German web site Zeit Online, Charli discusses the struggles she faces with violent mood swings that affect her daily life.

“I am a very unstable person,” she told the website. “I sometimes get the impression that my personality changes every hour.”

Charli continued, describing the effects her temperament has both negatively and creatively.

“Sometimes my changing moods do help me to be creative, though. But most of the time I just want to punch a wall. In any case, my mood is very dependent on the environment in which I am in.”

Right now, that mood should be all good. Following the release of the Iggy Azalea collaboration “Fancy,” Charli XCX made a name for herself with the release of Sucker. Both “Boom Clap” and “Break the Rules” became runaway hits, something the 22-year-old had in mind before she wrote the album.

In an interview with NME, before the album was released, Charli brashly told the site, “I can write a f–king hit song. And I’m going to write some for me now. I feel like as an artist I’ve done so many collaborations now that I think I just want to take this record for myself.”

Of course, in a separate, more recent interview with NME, Charli XCX does an about-face, claiming that she doesn’t care if she has a top-selling album anymore.

“I don’t really care about having a hit album, because like, what is that, like 10 copies now?” she said, apparently demonstrating the mood swings she may have been alluding to.

“I don’t care about having the number one album, I just care that my UK fans can get my album and come and see me live. I don’t care about the chart position and all of that s–t, that’s not why I do this.”

Mood swings or not, Charli XCX’s stock is rising high. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the pop star is set to open the Atlanta Braves’ Summer Concert Series, alongside multi-platinum group Boyz II Men. Charli XCX will take the stage on June 10 after the Braves take on the San Diego Padres while Boyz II Men will perform a week later.

[Charli XCX credit Joe Scarnici / Getty Images]

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