Detroit Girl Missing: Kimari McIver, 11, Outside Without Coat In Freezing Conditions Is Found

A Detroit girl missing after leaving her home in below freezing without a coat has been found. Eleven-year-old Kimari McIver was seen in surveillance video from her apartment walking away from the complex on Thursday around 10 a.m.

The girl’s mother, Kharletta McIver, feared she might have run off with an older man that she met online. McIver tells CBS Local in Detroit that it’s been an issue between she and her daughter for months.

“She was already in trouble prior to winter break, about having a phone. And I don’t really allow her to have a phone because she gets on the social media websites and she talks to guys that are grown and I don’t like that, she’s 11-years-old.”

Kimari was grounded this week and not allowed to use the cell phone, but she managed to find another one to use on Wednesday. McIver saw her daughter the next morning just after 7 a.m., but figured she went back to sleep. Prior to the Detroit girl going missing, her mother left for a doctor’s appointment. McIver says that the girl was with her brothers and stepfather, so she thought everything was alright. It wasn’t until about 2:15 p.m. when things didn’t feel right.

Everyone noticed that Kimari had been missing since 11 a.m. Her mother called friends and they told her Kimari made them think her father was coming to pick her up, but she knew he wasn’t.

The frantic mom contacted police and called Kimari’s father. Authorities questioned the friend — whose house the missing girl was at before. She told them that the 11-year-old had been talking to some guys and said she was going to meet up with one of them.

Detroit police spokesman Adam Madeira confirms that Kimari was found and back home before 11 a.m. Friday.

No other details in the missing girl case are being released. It’s unknown if a man was connected to her brief disappearance — or how authorities tracked her down.

WXYZ 7 News reports that when the girl went missing, she was wearing a red jogging suit with a hood and sleeves. She had on dark-colored shoes, but didn’t put a coat on. Her mother pleaded with her daughter during a live news interview for her to come home, assuring her that she wasn’t in trouble.

Fortunately, the Detroit girl that was missing showed up and is said to be in good condition mentally and physically.

[Photo Credit: CBS Local/Detroit]