Dragon Skull Found On Mars, UFO Watcher Claims

UFO watchers have regularly uncovered a variety of "objects" in photos captured on Mars, and now a popular blog is asserting that NASA's rovers have stumbled upon several items that resemble the skulls of dragons or dinosaurs.

Scott Waring posted images of the strange finds to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, highlighting one that he asserts resembles the skull of a horse or a dragon. Positing that NASA was formed specifically for the purpose of hiding the truth about UFOs and life on Mars from the public, he claims that the agency's misdirection is common knowledge.

"Here we have an ancient carving of a face that looks similar to a horse or dragon head. The detail is still high even though its been beaten by the sun and dust storms that ravage Mars over thousand or millions of years. I found these objects in the NASA photo and the detail is beyond belief. Now was this horse like face a pet or an intelligent alien species? We may never know, but we found it, two faces of aliens out there."
In another photo taken by the Curiosity rover on Mars, Waring asserts that a different "skull" is visible, exhibiting a row of white teeth. Pointing out the elongated and unusual shape of the object on Mars, Waring notes its resemblance to the remains of a predatory dinosaur.
"Look closely and you will see there is a nostril area, lower jaw area and jaw hinge area as well. There are also teeth."
UFO watchers have consistently asserted that the rovers have captured evidence of life on Mars, almost as long as the robots have resided on the planet. Recently, NASA has revealed that it intends to use a new technology developed by Microsoft to help researchers explore the surface of Mars. The HoloLens, an augmented reality device, will use OnSite software in order to allow scientists to examine the environment of Mars as if they were standing next to the rover.Whatever the future holds for NASA's rovers, UFO watchers will undoubtedly continue to uncover further "evidence" that life once existed on Mars.

[Image: NASA via UFO Sightings Daily]