Mars Flying Saucer UFO Crash Site Discovered Amid Ancient Structural Ruins [Photos]

JohnThomas Didymus

YouTube Mars archaeologists claim they have discovered a UFO flying saucer that crashed on the Martian surface. The researchers back up their extraordinary claim with what they believe to be extraordinary evidence contained in a series of images of the Martian surface showing the alleged crash site viewed from multiple angles.

According to UFO Sightings Daily's Scott Waring, the crash site, in the Candor Chasma region of Mars, has the coordinates: 6°25'40.89"S 76°53'48.65"W.

Waring described the images as showing what looks like a flying saucer that was buried in the ground when it crashed on Mars.

"This buried structure looks a lot like it landed there on the Mars surface. This is a fantastic discovery of an actual ship that crashed landed."

In their YouTube channel description, the archaeologists claim that the images show "exposed ruins on Mars caused by a crashed flying saucer."

The Mars archaeologists suggest that the site of the crash coincides with ancient structural ruins which a fellow Mars researcher, George Marquis, identifies as "an ancient underground production facility and maintenance area for saucers" with "collapsed roofing and jumbled infrastructure" presumably caused by the crash incident.

Marquis speculates further, based on visible features, that the images also reveal what "may originally have been stairs or escalators to the different levels."

Another YouTube viewer, presumably also a Mars anomaly researcher, adds that "it does look like a crash site, with the embedded round object and trench behind it. But it might be some kind of underground structure or canal."

Regardless of the viewer's opinion about what the features represent, they resemble a low flying saucer-shaped craft that crashed on the Martian surface, plowing into the Martian soil and finally coming to rest half-submerged in the red soil. And that is not all -- the scaled 3-D reconstruction of the site (see below) suggests that the flying saucer was actually approaching the entrance to an underground storage and maintenance facility for ships, which could also have been a production facility.

The scenario being constructed by Mars anomaly researchers is one in which a flying saucer pilot approaches the entrance to an underground facility but loses control and crashes into the entrance causing a partial damage and collapse of the structure.

The transverse markings on the ground that trail the flying saucer at its final resting position could be marks created as the pilot attempts to arrest or brake the flying saucer to prevent it from crashing into the entrance of the facility.

This is not the first time that Mars anomaly researchers have claimed evidence of crashed UFOs on the Martian surface. YouTube researchers Paranormal Crucible posted to YouTube in October 2014 Mars Curiosity Rover images that they claimed show a UFO crash site on the Martian surface.

"A possible UFO crash on the red planet has been spotted by the curiosity rover. The object, which is half embedded into a rock face, looks like a classic flying saucer, and even appears to have a dome on its top."

Earlier in June, 2013, the Mars anomaly researchers ArtAlien TV-Mars Zoo, claimed discovery of an alien UFO crash site on Mars. Mars Zoo researchers described the site as a "UFO crash debris field found in Curiosity Sol 198 image."

Going by the frequncy of discovery of UFO crash sites by Mars anomaly researchers, we would believe that the planet Mars had been the hub of interplanetary flight routes in the past.

What do you think of the latest photographic evidence from Mars anomaly researchers?