Aquaman Revealed: Pic Of Jason Momoa In Full Garb Tweeted By Zack Snyder

Aquaman isn’t one of the more obvious characters old school comic book geeks such as myself thought would see the light of day on the silver screen.

Then Zack Snyder came along and decided to go from a Superman standalone film to stuffing every character he could think of into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It’s yet to be determined whether the idea will work out. Snyder is a pretty polarizing director, as seen in his first stab at Superman with Man of Steel. Reviews on that film — both from critics and fans — were decidedly mixed.

Those who liked it really seemed to love it, and those who didn’t had a seething hatred.

But after some promising character reveals — first with Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) and then with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) — this movie could be getting interesting. Now Snyder has the latest character he’d like to show you in Aquaman (Jason Momoa).

Without further ado, though, here’s the full image of Momoa as Aquaman.

Got to say, Aquaman is a character that doesn’t really give a filmmaker much to work with, what with the orange and green, but this guy looks like a pretty bad dude. How is the Internet responding?

@ZackSnyder IF THIS IS FAN ART, I SWEAR TO GOD, ZACK. — shad (@MOONKNlGHTS) February 20, 2015

You get the picture. Uproxx’s Andrew Roberts felt pretty much the same, adding this bit of commentary.

“The verdict? Pretty bad a** looking. I’m no Aquaman fanboy, but I could take this guy seriously in that DC movie universe. You see a mix of Maori culture, the comic book influence, and a little Greek myth injection (well God of War Greek mythology at least).”

What do you think about the reveal of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, readers, and do you like the casting choices/costume designs that Zack Snyder has revealed to us so far? Last but not least, going from this could you see Momoa in a standalone Aquaman movie? Sound off in the comments section.