‘Empire’ Actor Tweets About Fake Twitter Account, Gay Rumors: Bryshere Gray Issues Apology

Well, in this world of getting Empire news tips straight from celebrities via Twitter and Instagram, it helps to check and see if it’s an official Twitter or Instagram account. With Empire being a seriously popular TV show gaining more rating shares by the week, Empire fans are Googling galore for more information about the Empire cast.

They want to watch Empire full episodes online, and trip out over Cookie hooking up with Lucious.

They want to know if Jussie Smollett is gay in real life, as reported by the Inquisitr. Thus far, Jussie Smollett has told the Atlanta Journal Constitution about how his character Jamal Lyon is helping people all around the globe, and how Jussie is great friends with Raven-Symone — laughing about the rumor that they once had a baby together. As if meant to be, the “baby mama” character of Raven on Empire was named Olivia (her character’s name on The Cosby Show) before Symone even got the Empire role.

However, the buzz lately is all about Bryshere Gray, who plays Hakeem Lyon on Empire, a man who’s an excellent rapper in his own right. “I ain’t scared of nothin’…” Okay, this Empire fan digresses. Sites like Black America Web and EurWeb reported that Bryshere Gray tweeted about not being gay in real life. According to the publication, the Empire actor wrote he wasn’t gay in a rather brusk manner.

“They funny I’m not even gay doe. No I’m not gay. I could never be gay, let’s make that clear.”

In the Google cache of the @BryshereGray Twitter account — because that Twitter account has been deleted — one can still see the remnants of the first sentence. The other sentences about not being gay, the last two that were reportedly attributed to Bryshere Gray, could not be found, not even in a Google cache mode.


Well, somebody’s PR person jumped on that SNAFU quickly. The real Twitter account of Bryshere Gray, @YazzTheGreatest, soon cleared up the confusion about that fake @BryshereGray Twitter account.


“I’m sorry for the confusion @BryshereGray is a fake page everyone I’m so sorry for the mix up!! have a blessed day!”

Therefore, even though the now defunct Twitter account that was named “Yazz The Greatest@BryshereGray had claims of being “the ONLY Official Back Up Twitter Of Bryshere Y. Gray” and was replete with hashtags galore, like from and claimed his or her other Twitter was Yazz The Greatest, apparently — according to the Empire star — that wasn’t true.

[Image via EurWeb]