Britney Spears Flaunts Bikini Body, Credits Weight Loss To Low-Carb Diet And Charlie Ebersol ‘Marathon’ Sex [Video]

At 33, Britney Spears is flaunting her bikini body as part of the advertising campaign for her new lingerie line. And while there’s no word on whether the pop singer is considering expanding her empire to becoming a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Britney is the star in the ads for her swimsuit and lingerie Intimate Collection, according to the Huffington Post.

Spears also shared her goals for her fashion line.

“Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on,” asserted Britney. “My vision for The Intimate Britney Spears is to create pieces that are sexy, luxurious and comfortable at the same time.”

So just how does the mom of two maintain that uber-sleek physique? Spears has previously shared that her workouts are designed to boost her fitness level to help maintain her energy during her calorie-burning shows. But now, according to Radar Online, Britney is saying that having sex with boyfriend Charlie Ebersol is comparable to dancing her way through five shows in a row.

“[Britney] attributes maintaining her hot body to ‘marathon sex’ with Charlie,” said an insider. “She says that their love making is like performing five shows back-to-back.”

And that love-making is the center piece of the “Piece Of Me” singer’s romance, added the source.

“She also says that their relationship is ‘fueled by sex’ and that ‘he absolutely rocks in bed.’”

So what does Charlie have to say about his girlfriend? The 32-year-old son of NBC Chairman Dick Ebersol praises Britney for her kindness.

“Honestly, the way that she treats people does make you look in the mirror and question how much you’re really giving to other people, because she is a person who leads with her heart and treats people around her—who she knows and who she doesn’t know—better than you or I. So it drives me every morning to want to get up and be better…It motivates me.”

In addition to those sex marathons, Britney is devoted to her diet regime, as the Inquisitr reported. She follows a low-carb diet, emphasizing protein and vegetables. She’s a raw fish fan as well.

“I’m really into raw food — sushi, basically,” revealed Spears.

Britney also works out with a celebrity trainer, Tony Martinez, who customized a routine to encourage her love of dance.

“It also included a mix of ab workouts, treadmill runs and treadmill exercises walking backward at different intervals and walking forward,” said Tony of Britney’s routine.

[Photo By Scott Gries/Getty Images]