Watch ‘Empire’ Online: Fans React To Cookie Sleeping With Lucious As Full ‘Empire’ Episodes Go Viral On Hulu [Video]

With Empire being a runaway Wednesday night hit TV show, fans want to know everything Empire related on Thursday, and all throughout the week. Empire fans wonder if Jussie Smollett is gay in real life, as reported by the Inquisitr, and they are sending episodes of Empire, like “Our Dancing Days” on Hulu, the season 1, episode 7 show that aired on February 18, into viral viewing land, with plenty of comments about the episode accompanying the video views.

That’s because the most recent episode of Empire found Lucious telling Cookie he’s dying, and Cookie giving in to her soon-to-be-are-they-divorced-yet-ex-husband sort of like the ultimate anti-revenge for him leaving her to “rot in prison” for 17 years and getting engaged to Boo Boo Kitty instead, as reported by VH1. It also continued to highlight the mounting tension between brothers Hakeem and Jamal, with the patriarch Lucious still trying to pretend like Empire Entertainment is a close “family-run” firm, when in actuality, all kinds of hell is breaking loose behind the scenes. Nevertheless, Lucious can feel the pangs of death approaching, and he wants his company tight, right and above board before he meets his Maker, despite his own murderous sins.

Of course, fans of Empire have their own take on the show, like the fact that Hakeem looks like even more of a little boy when set up in hot tub scenes next to Naomi Campbell, with Empire portraying an awkward May-December romance between the two that just doesn’t work in that cougar setting. Plus the fact that Hakeem calls Naomi’s character “Mommy” at times has fans calling the coupling creepy instead of cool. Other than that, fans had plenty to say about Cookie hooking up with Lucious, and how Anika “Boo Boo Kitty” either deserved the betrayal or didn’t.

“So…I don’t condone cheating, but in this instance, Ms. Anika got exactly what she deserved. This is about business and she made it emotional by sabotaging Elle. I wasn’t digging that, at all.”

“That selfie will come back to redeem Cookie and Dallas, exposing that sneak BooBoo!”

“Am I the only one who sees that Anika is going to create a problem for Luscious because she knows he has ALS? I think she is going to sabotage everything now. They are getting married sooner than anticipated, life insurance policies are gonna get changed and Cookie is going to have to watch her back times 10 now. She’s going to hold it over his head like a storm cloud and remind him that she could easily go to the public. But let’s see how they’re gonna play it out, because remember her dad was the one who prepared the medical document for him in the first place.”

“Ms Boo Boo Kitty didn’t have too much to say!”

“That lost voice… that was some good acting!”

“Anika aka Boo Boo Kitty best not to push Lucious button the wrong way. She don’t know him like she think she does. She’ll be taking a midnight swim if she cross him. I knew that Cookie and Lucious were going get together before it was over. Lucious has mad love for her – Cookie.”

More heated discussion regarding Empire all over the Internet proves that fans are hooked on this show.

[Image via Empire on Hulu]