Woman Known As ‘The Bouquet Slayer’ Has Caught 46 Bride’s Bouquets In 19 Years But Is Still Single

Jamie Jackson, a 37-year-old Utah resident has been dubbed “The Bouquet Slayer,” after having caught 46 bridal bouquets over the past 19 years. However, Jamie is still single despite the widely held belief that catching a bouquet at a wedding is supposed to mean the catcher will get hitched soon.

Jamie Jackson gave an interview to People Magazine in which she said,

“I’m kind of competitive by nature, so when his new bride tossed her bouquet, I went for it. Some single girls might shy away from it, but not me. After that wedding, I just knew that I could do it again. I’ve pretty much crushed that ‘next-to-be-married’ myth. I’ve had boyfriends, sure. But I’m liking the single life. Besides, if I were married, I’d have to give up my favorite sport.”

Despite still being single, Jackson is clearly very proud of her hobby and she displays decades old dead flower bouquets in a dedicated cabinet in her living room. “I can’t help it – it’s now an obsession. At every wedding I get invited to, I just have to have the bouquet. I plot out my strategy as soon as I get there,” she said.


Jamie’s close friend, Nichole Keddington, also spoke about her friend’s obsession with being ‘The Bouquet Slayer’. “Jamie is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the bouquet toss. Some girls might be a little bitter that they’d caught so many bouquets and had never thrown their own, but not Jamie,” she said.

Another friend, Bethany Hall, who went to high school with Jamie, said, “Jamie is spunky and aggressive, but always kind. It was so much fun to see her short and petite body leap into the air and catch my purple rose bouquet. Over the years, she’s really turned her hobby into an art form.”


Apparently, Jamie’s secret to success when it comes to Bouquet snatching is simple, as she explained, it’s all about “Position, Position, Position,” adding, “You have to be in front if you want the best chance of catching the bouquet. Because usually when the bride tosses it, she throws it straight up and it will hit a ceiling or a chandelier then go straight down.”

For her part, it seems that the name ‘The Bouquet Slayer’ is a fitting one for Jamie Jackson, as she is clearly the world record holder for most bouquets caught at weddings, with the current Guinness record holder, Stephanie Monyak from Pennsylvania, having caught only 15 bouquets.

[Image via Jamie Jackson/People]