Niall Horan ‘Fans’ Bombard Rumored New Girlfriend With Hate And Threats

Niall Horan and his One Direction band-mates live life in a goldfish bowl of fan obsession. Everywhere Niall and his pals, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne go they are hounded by, mostly, young female fans. It is beyond doubt that some of Niall Horan and One Direction’s fans are obsessed with their heroes. Admittedly Simon Cowell’s SyCo publicity machine is guilty of hyping Niall and his pals and arguably their success is built on the obsession of their fans.

Niall and the band are currently in Australia and just six shows into their 80 date “On The Road Again” tour, and already a number of distasteful events have taken place. Niall Horan arrived in Australia before the rest of the band and spent some time relaxing with friends and watching the Australian Open tennis. It appears that Niall may also have a new girlfriend in his life.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald 21-year-old Niall has started a relationship with Melissa Whitelaw, an Australian student. According to Hollywood Life Niall, who was himself subject of a tirade of abuse from “fans” recently, was spotted kissing Melissa.

The rumored relationship between Niall and Melissa has once again revealed the dark side of some One Direction fans obsession with their heroes. The Mail reports that Niall’s rumored new romance has led to Melissa receiving torrents of abuse and even death threats from Niall’s jealous fans.

Melissa Whitelaw’s Instagram page, which now has almost 120,000 followers has been inundated with comments from Niall’s fans telling her that she “doesn’t deserve him” and another says the fans “will kill her” if she hurts Niall.

One user wrote “I swear if you something bad to Niall we will kill you. I am not even kidding. Thank You”

Another said, “I don’t like you. You aren’t Niall’s [girlfriend]. Niall is way better than you and don’t deserve you. He can do better. You just like broke up with your ex [boyfriend] and Niall knows that and wouldn’t kiss you.”

On Twitter, one user wrote “Melissa Whitelaw can f***ing leave on her own or be forced out. Choose wisely b***h.”


In response 21-year-old Melissa sent a message of her own simply saying “I haven’t done anything to any of you so please stop sending me mean comments.” According to the Mail Melissa also commented to confirm that she and Niall were dating saying “[f]or all you asking yeah Niall and I dating. Niall has not posted about it because we have decided we will wait until it’s the right time.”

This latest outburst by Niall Horan’s fans and the furor early in the week about what Louis Tomlinson said on his return to his hotel after a night out illustrates just how difficult it is for Niall and his pals to live their lives. It seems that some of Niall’s fans think they should have a say in Niall’s choice of girlfriend and think nothing of the impact they have on either Niall or those involved in his private life.

The irony is that this behavior can only have one consequence, Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction will withdraw further and further from their fans because of security concerns.

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]