Michelle Obama’s New ‘Funny Or Die’ Video Gains 84K Views [Video]

First Lady Michelle Obama showed off a bit of her personal life in a new video from Funny or Die, wherein Michelle talked a bit about getting President Obama’s attention by knowing a thing or two about football, with First Lady Michelle saying that there’s a whole lot of SportsCenter watching going on in the White House, instead of DVRing episodes of Hot in Cleveland. As chronicled by CNN, Michelle Obama played a game named “Ariana Grande or Eating a Carrot,” emceed by the funny and screaming Billy Eichner — the host of Billy on the Street.

In the Funny Or Die video starring First Lady Michelle Obama, Obama teams up with Big Bird to play Billy Eichner’s wild game. Published on February 16, 2015, the video has quickly grown to 84,000 views. Michelle was asked a series of questions, along with an older woman named Elena, who also played the game, and wasn’t sure at first if Michelle Obama was really the First Lady or just an actress playing Michelle Obama. Other questions about whether Mr. Obama was hotter than Abraham Lincoln followed, as well as a game that had the FLOTUS hiding behind Big Bird and a rack of fruit.

Throughout the video, Obama seemed a bit jumpy as Eichner yelled, but Michelle appeared to relax into the fun when Billy accidentally poked her and Michelle retorted that Eichner didn’t hurt her, but warned him about the Secret Service potentially standing not too far off camera, waiting to take anyone down who would attempt to hurt Michelle.

“It’s okay, but watch it. You could get shot.”


Michelle Obama complimented Ariana Grande’s “nice” ponytail, and refrained from calling it “fake,” like Elena did, saying what most folks were thinking. Michelle accidentally called “Tootie” from The Facts of Life “Trudie,” but Big Bird helped her out. The “FLOTUS Bonus Round” showed off Obama’s slow dancing skills when Michelle did a little slow drag with Big Bird — then Mrs. Obama pushed Billy around in a shopping cart. It was a cute campaign and creative way to keep getting the message about eating more veggies out to the public in a humorous manner.

It was definitely a lot more lighthearted than recent reports of Michelle Obama on a secret ski trip in Aspen, as reported by the Inquisitr‎, which states that Obama was seen with her daughters during an Aspen skip trip and was allowed to pass by a car accident.

[Image of First Lady Michelle Obama via Funny or Die]